In this day and age, we recognize the need for companies to have employees they can count on. For many companies medical costs can consume half of corporate profits or more. As the cost of medical claims and insurance benefits continue to rise, companies are losing hard earned dollars to payments for sickness, injuries and loss of profit due to poor employee productivity. Companies need employees who are reliable, productive and efficient.  What if there was a long term way to save money, increase employee satisfaction and improve employee health and productivity?

The solution is the Corporate Wellness program offered by Healthcare Complete!
Corporate Wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. These programs can be found in factories, corporate offices, large and small corporations. Corporate Wellness programs are a way for companies to reduce healthcare expenses while making their work space a more inviting and relaxing environment for their employees as well.

Corporate Wellness is among the most vital investment that a company can make. Businesses that start Corporate Wellness programs are not only investing in the physical wellness, safety and mental health of their employees, but are also taking preventative measures by creating a healthier environment.

Some of the benefits of Corporate Wellness programs include:

  • Reduction in work related injuries
  • Decreased sick days
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Increased employee morale
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Strengthened corporate culture

At Healthcare Complete we offer a variety of Workshops and Lectures including:

  • 5 Secrets to Extraordinary Health
  • Increase your energy by 100%
  • Back to Basics – Secrets to a Healthy Spine & Preventing Injuries in the Workplace
  • Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Boosting Your Immunity – Preparing yourself for Cold and Flu Season
  • Smoking Cessation Workshops
  • Why Weight? Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Stress Management: Boosting Your Health Potential by Reducing Stress
  • Why Do I Feel  So Lousy?
  • Healing with Whole Foods
  • Eating for Peak Performance
  • Pain Management Solutions

We also offer Interactive Classes and Workshops including:

  • Stretching & Balance
  • Stress Evaluations through Heart Rate Variability Testing
  • “Coffee Break” Workplace Exercises
  • Yoga
  • Health Screenings
  • Chair Massage
  • On-site Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Stress Relief & Meditation
  • Nutrition & Wellness Challenges
  • Stress Less Challenge

We can also tailor workshops to fit your company’s needs.

Call our office at 978-499-9355 to schedule your FREE Corporate Wellness Consultation with our wellness team to discuss your custom designed program.