I am so fortunate to have been recommended to Dr. Jennah! The staff are so friendly and kind. They are so accommodating with appointment. I suffer from chronic migraines as well as other spinal issues. She discovered so many things that no other Doctors have in the past! Dr. Jennah is truly an angel! She is so caring, knowledgeable, gentle, helpful and honestly makes you feel like you are finally getting the proper care you have been searching for! Please do yourself a favor and have a consultation with her! Start your journey to wellness!
-Lori L

“I came to Dr. Jennah to see if she could help me with gastro-intestinal issues I was having. After altering my life over the past three years – so that I stayed and ate mostly at home. I had gotten very discouraged. I had been to several doctors and specialists and the only thing that was diagnosed was IBS. I was miserable and had missed out on so many things. I have my life again! Thank-you so much! I feel the best I have in years! Through nutritional response testing and changes in my diet, I have been able to enjoy life and friends again! After years of getting no answers to my problems, I am now on the road to enjoying my life again and have more energy too! Thank-you!

Before I came in to see Dr. Jennah I suffered from “lower back pain (bad) daily, left arm numbness/pain several times a week, heartburn daily, fibrocystic breast every month (bad) and my face was breaking out.” Now I have “very little lower back pain 
(love the pelvis belt!), my left arm pain is gone, heartburn is gone with the diet and supplement routine, this is the 1st month with no cyst in my breast or pain, and my face is clear thanks to the supplements and changing to a natural product.
Thanks Dr. Jennah!”


Through a successful combination of
chiropractic care, 
nutritional response testing, and dietary changes, Dr. J, has helped my entire family reach optimal health. We each receive customized care, that boosts our immune system and keeps our entire bodies functioning correctly. Without the use of medications, antibiotics, or flu shots we stay relatively healthy all through out the year. And if we do happen to have an immune challenge, its duration is short and the symptoms mild. Dr. J’s care goes beyond sickness- she makes sure we have total wellness.

“I was suffering from fatigue, depression and weary emotions without knowing why I was feeling that way. I was also suffering from brain fog. Now I am much, much better! I have been able to stay more focused than usual and I have not been as draggy.” – Cynthia

“Peter presented with a high functioning form of autism and ADHD. He had migraines, was chronically sick with chronic sinus and ear infections and was on antibiotics constantly. He also couldn’t control his body and would fidgit a lot and had emotional outbursts. His teacher used to write notes home from school complaining about his behavior. We started Peter with chiropractic adjustments and then Dr. Jennah tested him for nutritional deficiencies with NRT. After Peter started getting regular chiropractic care and began Dr. Jennah’s nutritional program, I’ve noticed Peter is calmer, less frustrated, less fidgety, more in control of his body and his emotions, and doesn’t have as many outbursts. He sleeps much better and wakes up easier in the morning. He is now able to concentrate at school, has increased eye-hand coordination and seems less symptomatic of ADHD and is now taking an interest in learning. His teacher 
is now sending notes home from school saying
he is having “super-duper days” and “positive
productive days.” His migraines, ear and sinus
infections have also improved.” – Peter’s Mom

“Doing the 21-Day Cleanse was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body.”

“By the end of the 21-Day cleanse process I lost 9.5 pounds, 1 ¼ inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips. I look and feel much better.”

“I brought my daughter to see Dr. Jennah when she was 1 year old for chronic ear infections and colds that had been present since infancy. Ever since she has been under care she has not had any ear infections and her health is much improved! We also worked out her diet which has helped to reduce her congestion and constant runny nose. Now that Ava is 3, she actually knows when it’s time to see Dr. Jennah to help with her ears.


“My youngest boy suffered from pneumonia and bronchitis chronically during the winter months. He had been under chiropractic care with another chiropractor since infancy, but this ailment still affected him. I decided to switch chiropractors and have my son see Dr. Jennah for chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing. His health improved dramatically while under care and this was the first winter in 6 years that Alex made it through without any lung infections!”

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1994 and Lupus in 2000. After seeing many different specialists and taking many different medications, I still had symptoms including fatigue, muscle and joint pain, sun sensitivities, and sometimes severe abdominal pain. Previous chiropractic care had helped with headaches and lessened some of the symptoms. Other than a healthy diet and exercise, I thought that I would have to resolve myself to feeling “sick” most of my life and learn to live with it. After following Dr. Jennah’s recommendations, I have noticed a dramatic change in my health. I am back to myself. I continue with chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing care and have not had any muscle or joint pain, and any fatigue is generally self-induced. I have not had any Crohn’s symptoms and every three months I still have an ANA test (preliminary Lupus test)and it has been negative. 
Even my primary care doctor is amazed!”

Before I came to Healthcare Complete, I was sluggish, bloated and in discomfort most of the time. I was painfully full after every meal regardless of how much I ate. I always thought that I was eating food that was “healthy”; it wasn’t until I came here that I realized that certain foods didn’t work for me. I also had an extremely difficult time remaining asleep for the entire night. Now I am feeling leaps and bounds better. I have no bloating and much more energy after implementing some changes in lifestyle and diet recommended by Dr. Jennah. I’ve lost 10lbs and feel great. I am also sleeping through the night almost every night! So great! Thank you. 


“I presented to the Dr. Jennah feeling extremely tired, with a lack of concentration and moodiness. I was always sick with colds. I also suffered from nervousness, depression, confusion, fatigue, I would wake up after a few hours of sleep, and had constant swelling in my neck lymph nodes. It was difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning and I would tend to sleep a lot. I also experienced cyclical emotional changes and hot flashes after having a hysterectomy. After being under regular chiropractic care and Nutrition Response Testing I haven’t gotten sick in forever. I have a ton more energy and I wake up easily in the morning with no more afternoon tiredness. I have energy that I didn’t have before. I now have mental clarity and improved memory and am able to multi-task more efficiently. My skin has improved and overall I feel healthier! I also lost 20 lbs on the Purification Program and am excited to lose more. My surgical
scars are also almost gone after using the
wheat germ oil!”

“Before I came in to see Dr. Jennah my neck range of motion was extremely limited. I had severe pain and difficulty turning in either direction.” I had tried physical therapy, home remedies, pain injections and medication, but nothing seemed to help long term. “After just a few visits my mobility had increased and pain level had decreased. Upon completion of treatment I have complete motion and function of my neck. Thank you Dr. Jennah.”

“After completing the purification program recommended to me by Dr. Dieter I have been very pleasantly surprised with the results. Although I knew that I would see some changes because of the significant alteration of my diet, I didn’t realize all of the benefits the cleansing would have. After the 1st week I noticed a significant weight loss (7-8) lbs, increased awareness and concentration, improved mood, and I generally felt less fatigued from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. Also, I noticed that my stomach and digestive system had never felt better! After the 3 week program was completed I felt like a new me, I have lost 15 pounds and have a new appreciation for what I should stay away from in my diet and what I can do to enjoy healthy eating”.

I had been adjusted throughout my pregnancy and I brought my daughter Kayla in to be checked when she was 6 wks old. Kayla had extreme symptoms of reflux, including frequent regurgitation, difficulty and excessive swallowing, intense coughing, crying in discomfort when hiccupping or after eating, loud raspy breathing, wheezing. During and after treatments with Dr. Jennah, Kayla immediately became less agitated and her symptoms decreased notably for days; and over the course of treatment continued to diminish – she also slept more soundly following treatments. She continues to be a healthy 1 year old baby and has had no health issues to speak of.



Holy Moly I lost 40lbs with Nutrition Response Testing and I feel great! I had a physical recently and my cholesterol 
 was way down and I am far from my pre-diabetic number!
It was so much easier than I had ever imagined.
Dr. Jennah really knows her stuff and
was supportive and made me feel like I could do it comfortably. Thank you is not enough to say!


I was in extreme pain in my neck and thoracic area and the first adjustment gave me much needed relief; and since I have been coming in for regular appointments, pain and achiness is decreasing steadily and my neck, thoracic and lumbar spine are improving steadily. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was until I felt painless. I am so pleased…

I also came for a nutrition consult due to obesity and fatigue. The nutrition segment has brought back my life; I have lost 16lbs and steadily going down. I’m also no longer on steroids or anything for asthma, my cardiologist has discharged me due to improvement and my thyroid meds are at their lowest dose ever! Having energy is fantastic. Love it! Love it! Love it! 🙂

– Ruth

Other conditions which have improved under Chiropractic and Nutrition….

Chronic Ear infections
Stomach Upset/Reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic Constipation
Chronic Diarrhea
Cranial distortions
Breech presentations
“Growing Pains”
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sports Injuries
Chronic immune deficiencies
Autism spectrum disorders
Leg/arm pain
Skin problems (acne, eczema)
Jaw pain/TMJD 
Muscle aches/spasm 
Whiplash injuries
Neck pain
Back pain
Disc-related problems
Insomnia/sleep problems
Weight Problems
Menstrual cramping/PMS