Rehabilitative Exercise
Patients are encouraged to become an active participant in their health maintenance and exercising is an important part of that goal. Rehabilitative exercises can help patients maintain the correction gained by the chiropractic adjustment and can help stabilize the spine.

We believe in proper chronology of care. Because the nerves control everything in the body, including the muscles, the nerves must first be functioning properly to send the proper messages to the muscles. The structure of the spine must be corrected by aligning the bones and joints, in order to relieve stress on the nerves. Then, the supporting muscles must be strengthened in order to hold that structure in proper position. Our patients begin therapeutic exercises in the second phase of care to stabilize the chiropractic adjustment. A program is tailored to the specific areas that need stretching and strengthening to promote long term correction of spinal distortions. First exercises begin in the office and then a home exercise program will be implemented. We even have an entire room dedicated to your exercise program!