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Standard Process/MediHerb



Young Living Essential Oils

Other brands we sell in office:

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CBD & Analgesics

Ancient Secrets Min Bath Lavender 1 lb$9.60
White Egret Magnesium Lotion 12oz$23.18
White Egret Magnesium Oil Spray (sensitive skin) 8oz$15.18
Life Flo Magnesium pure oil 8 oz.$13.50

CBD Oral (Tinctures & Capsule):

Extract Equilibrium
EE  Coconut Oil 1500mg (#65327)$125.00
EE Hemp Oil 1200MG (#65347)$74.49
EE Hemp Oil 300mg (#65345)$39.99
EE Hemp Oil 600mg (#65346)$59.95
EE Spearmint CBD Spray 600mg$46.95
SOL CBD caps 450mg$69.00
SOL CBD extract cinnamint 1oz/300mg$65.00
SOL CBD Pet Tincture$31.00
Veritas Farms
Veritas Tincture 1000mg Peppermint$84.99
Veritas Tincture 250mg Peppermint$29.99
Veritas Tincture 250mg Unflavored$29.99
Veritas Tincture 500mg Peppermint$49.99

Topical Analgesics

WW Arn-Bos 2oz Cream$15.60
WW Arn-Bos 4 oz Cream$26.20
WW Back Balm 4 0z$18.60
WW Belly Balm 4 0z$20.20
WW Mullein Ear Oil 1oz$14.00
WW Sitz Bath Merry Mother 3 oz$8.30

Topical CBD

CBD Clinic
CBD Clinic  Pro Sport Ointment L5$90.00
CBD Clinic Pro Sport Pain Stick 8 oz$80.00
Healing Rose
HR Roll On Awaken & Refresh$25.00
HR Roll on Focus & Balance$25.00
HR Roll On Relax & Restore$25.00
HR Salve Juniper Mint 150 mg$40.00
HR Salve Lemon Ginger 600 mg$80.00
HR Salve Orange Lavender 150 mg$40.00
HR Salve Peppermint Spice 300 mg$60.00
HR Salve Raw Cocoa 150 mg$35.00
HR Spearmint Lip Balm 10 mg$6.00
HR Sweet Orange Lip Balm 10 mg$6.00
Veritas Farms
Veritas Roller Mind 100mg$12.50
Veritas Roller Mood 100mg$12.50
Veritas Salve 1000mg Unscented$84.00
Veritas Salve 400mg Lavender Eucalyptus$39.99
Veritas Salve 400mg Menthol$39.99
Veritas Salve 400mg Unscented$39.99
Veritas Sports Cream 600mg 2 oz$29.99

Rehab Products

Postural Correction
Cervical Denneroll- Core Products Apex Cerivcal Orthotic30
Cervical Wedge pettibon mini-uncovered$24.00
Pettibon Lumbar Wedge30
Headweight plus 2 lbs of weight$80.00
Extra 1 lb weights for Headweight$6.00
Posture Pump-standard$129.00
Hot/Cold Packs
Core Hot & Cold  Pack 10×13 #551$29.99
Core Vinyl Cold Pack 10 x 13″$20.00
Tens/Electric Stimulation
InTENSity IF Combo Tens Machine-Source Ortho180
Exercise Tools
Exercise ball weighted-8lbs$22.99
Exercise weighted ball-5 lbs$19.99
Exercise body Ball 55 cm-Body Sport Slow air release35
Exercise Body Ball 65 cm$35.00
Exercise Body Ball 75 cm35
Exercise mat 1/8″ thick- Body Sport yoga30
Exercise mat 1/4′ thick36
Exercise padded mat 56″30
Exercise padded mat 72″40
Exercise tubing-Body Sport Fitness Performance Tubes21
Theraband Strip$7.00
Foam Roll Small 12″$24.00
Foam Roller Large 36″ round34
Vestibular Disc-Body Sport25
Balance Board-Wobble Board-Body Sport55
Heel Lifts
Heel Lift Clearly Adjustable$29.49
heel lift Large adjust a lift leather$13.00
heel lift Med adjust a lift leather$13.00
Heel Lift Small adjust a lift leather$13.00
Massage Tools
Massage Balls$10.99
Muscle Roller Stick (Blue)$23.98
Thera Cane$45.00
Footwheel Black/White$31.00
Massage Balls –  Rock tape24
Pillow Complete Sleeprr PLUS$110.00
Pillow Complete Sleeprrr$99.00
Pillow Temperpedic Travel$69.00
Pillow Tempurpedic Queen Medium$119.00
Pillow Tempurpedic Queen Large160
RockTape 2″x16.4′$19.00
Serola SI belt LARGE$51.47
Serola SI belt Medium$51.47
Office Ergonomic Tools
Sitback Mesh Backrest$25.00
Sitback Rest Standard$40.00
Seat wedge – core stress – grey20
Temperpedic Office Chair350
Vitamix 7500529
Vitamix 2500499
Vitamix S50 personal blender499

Food Products

Moon Ease Loose Tea 4.5 oz$10.40
NOW brand Stevia- Original$11.00
NOW brandStevia – Vanilla$11.00
NOW brand Stevia chocolate$11.00
Thunderbird Bars (by the box) (TB = Thunderbird)
TB  Choc Mint Walnut box 15 bars/box37.50
TB Cashew Fig Carrot box 15 bars/box37.50
TB Chocolate Almond Butter Sea Salt box 15 bars/box37.50
TB Chocolate Coconut Cashew box 15 bars/box37.50
TB Hazelnut Coffee Maca Nut & Seed 15 bars/box37.50
TB Peach Pecan Vanilla 15 bars/box37.50
TB Pecan Goji Pistachio 15 bars/box37.50
TB Texas Maple Pecan 15 bars/box37.50


Apex Energetics Products (Apex = Apex Energetics)
Apex AC Glutathione 60 caps$57.00
Apex Adaptocrine 90 caps$29.00
Apex Adrena Calm SE 1.6oz$42.90
Apex Brain-E DHA 90 softgels$39.90
Apex Electro-ph complex .34 powder$28.00
Apex Glutathione Recycler 90 caps$31.00
Apex Gluten Flam 60 caps$36.00
Apex Glycemovite  1.32 lbs$65.90
Apex Metacrin DX 90 caps$28.50
Apex Methyl SP 90 caps$28.50
Apex Neuroflam 90 caps$58.70
Apex Nitric Balance 16oz$46.50
Apex OmegaCo3-SE 120 gels$29.90
Apex Repair Vite (K60) orig flavor 0.38 lbs$45.00
Apex Repair Vite (K63) caramel 0.34 lb$45.00
Apex Repairvite SE (K98) 3.18 oz$39.00
Apex Resvero Active liquid$58.50
Apex Sibiotica 60 caps$32.00
Apex Strengthia 60 caps$47.00
Apex Trizomal Glutathione 8 oz$69.90
Apex Turmero Active 8oz$52.00
Argentyn Products
Argentyn 23 – 8 oz.$55.99
Body Health Products
BodyHealth Metal-Free Detox Spray$95.25
Energetix Products
Energetix Adrenal Tone 2oz$28.00
Energetix Ashwagandha 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Bacteria-Chord 2 oz$28.00
Energetix BoswellliaZyme (Inflammaforce) 60 caps$33.40
Energetix CalmFive 2oz$28.00
Energetix Core Berberine Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Borage Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Cilantro Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Dong Quai Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Olive Leaf 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Para-V Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix Core Pau d’Arco Blend 2 oz$30.00
Energetix CV Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix DGL Gut Complex$57.40
Energetix Drainage-Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Fields of Flowers 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Flora Synergy$36.60
Energetix Flu-Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Galt-Immune 90 caps$55.60
Energetix GB Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Gyne-Chord 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Hepata-Chord 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Hepatic-Tone$28.00
Energetix Hypothalmapath 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Inflamatone$28.00
Energetix Isopathic Phenolic Rings$28.00
Energetix Kidney Tone 2oz$28.00
Energetix Lymph Tone I   2oz$28.00
Energetix Lymph Tone II$28.00
Energetix Lymph-Tone III$28.00
Energetix Medi-Chord$28.00
Energetix Metal-Chord 2oz$28.00
Energetix MycoCan-Chord$28.00
Energetix MycoDerm ointment 2 oz$23.40
Energetix Neuro-Chord$28.00
Energetix Para-Chord 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Relax-Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Rena Chord 2oz$28.00
Energetix Sinus-Tone 2 oz$28.00
Energetix Throat Spray Tone 2 oz$25.00
Energetix Thyro-Chord$28.00
Energetix Tox-Chord$28.00
Energetix Vac-Chord$28.00
Energetix Viru-Chord 2 oz$28.00
Detox Foot Pads
GHC – Detox Foot Pads$29.95
Great Lakes Collagen
GL Collagen Hydrolysate 1lb.$25.00
HVS Products
HVS Chemicals 4 fl. oz.$19.00
HVS Dentals 4oz$19.00
HVS Metals 4 fl. oz.$19.00
Intestinal Cleanse Products
Intestinal Cleanse No. 1$30.00
Intestinal Cleanse No.2$35.50
Loomis Enzymes (LM = Loomis)
LM  Bil 180 capsules$42.00
LM  Nat Enzymes- Child (Not$22.00
flavored)-90 capsules
LM DGST 180 capsules$42.00
LM DGST 90 tablets$22.00
LM GLTN 60 caps$40.00
LM IrB 180 capsules$42.00
LM IrB 90 capsules$22.00
LM LAC 180 tablets$42.00
LM Lgl 180 capsules$42.00
LM Lgl 90 capsules$22.00
LM Nat Enzmes Total Digestion Chewables (Berry) 90 tablets$22.00
LM Pan 180 capsules$42.00
LM Pan 90 capsules$22.00
LM Private Psor Rbs 180 caps$52.00
LM STM 180 capsules$46.00
LM STM 90 capsules$25.00
LM TRMA 180 capsules$42.00
LM Ultra BDG 180 capsules$52.00
MBI Dairy Antigens$12.00
MBI Dust Mix Antigens-1 oz$12.00
MBI Flower Antigens 1oz$12.00
MBI Fungisode$12.00
MBI Tree Antigens 1 fl. oz.$13.00
MBI Weed & Grass Antigen$13.00
MarcoPharma (MP=Marcopharma)
MP Allernest 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Allernest 3.38 oz$43.50
MP Bucco 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Bucco 100ml$43.50
MP Cholenest 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Hepatica 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Lymphonest 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Marcozyme 100T$30.00
MP Pulmonest 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Pulmonest 3.38 oz$42.00
MP Scolopendrium 1.69 oz$24.00
MP Solidago 1.69 oz$24.00
Natures Balance (NB =Natures Balance)
NB Chlorella 180 capsules$48.40
Neti Products
Neti Spray regular strength 4.2 oz$14.40
NetiSprayKids 75mL$9.99
Nature’s Frequency (NF= Natures Frequency)
NF EMF Cell Phone Chip (4 pack)$44.00
Olbas Inhaler Stik$6.48
Olbas Lozenges (Blk Currant) 24 pack$6.99
Premier Research (PRL = Premier Research)
PRL Medi-Clay-FX 90 caps$24.95
PRL Prem Glutamine 100 caps$14.95
Systemic Formulas (SF = Systemic Formulas)
SF #1 Activator 30 capsules$22.00
SF #2 Builder 30 capsules$23.00
SF #3 Bactrex 60 capsules$27.00
SF #4 FungDX 60 capsules$27.00
SF #5 Stabilizer 30 capsules$25.74
SF #6 Restore 30 caps$22.00
SF ACP Vitamin ACP 60 caps$19.50
SF ACX Vitamin DTX 60 caps$31.00
SF AO Aloe Vera 16 oz.$22.50
SF CLNZ  Chelator 60 caps$26.00
SF CX1 Activator extract 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CX3 Bactrex extract 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CX4 FungDX 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CX5 stabilizer 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXACX Vitamin DTX extract 1/2 oz$41.12
SF CXGa Adrenal 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXGf Thyroid 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXGold  Immune Plus 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXGt Thymus 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXL Liver$40.00
SF CXLb Liver/Gall bladder 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXVIVI Anti-Viro 1/2 oz$40.00
SF CXVRM1 Large 1oz$70.00
SF CXVRM2 Large  1 oz$70.00
SF CXVRM3 Micro Large 1 oz$70.00
SF CXVRM4 Cell Formula 1 oz$70.00
SF D B12 60 Caps$41.00
SF DV3 60 Capsules$24.00
SF Ga Adrenal 60 tablets$24.50
SF Gb Pituitary/Pineal 60 caps$27.00
SF Gf Thyroid 60 tablets$21.00
SF Gold Immune Plus 60 caps$32.00
SF Gt Thymus 60 tablets$27.00
SF KDIR Fluidren 60 caps$22.00
SF L Liver 60 Capsules$21.00
SF Lb Liver/Gall Bladder 60 tabs$19.00
SF LS Liver 60 capsules$23.00
SF S Spleen 60 capsules$22.50
SF SC Cleanser 4 oz$20.00
SF T5 Stabilizer 1 oz.$25.00
SF TACX 2 oz$25.00
SF TMI 60caps$28.50
SF VitD3 w/K2 LQ 2 oz$29.30
SF VIVI Virox 30 capsules$28.00
SF VRM1 30 capsules$28.00
SF VRM2 30 capsules$28.00
SF VRM3 Micro 30 capsules$28.00
SF VRM4 CELL 30 capsules$28.00
SF White China Healing Oil 1/2 oz$38.00
SF Zglutn 60 caps$36.00
Healthcare Complete’s Own Products
Teething Oil Dr.J recipe 10ml$4.00
Thieves Sanitizer  2 fl. oz.$7.50
Ulan Nutritional Systems
Ulan Chol-Aide 90 caps$55.00
Ulan Glyc-Aide 90 caps$54.00