Our Online Store

You can order many of the recommended supplements
from the comfort of your home.

**Please consult with Dr. Jennah Dieter regarding all your
purchases to determine what is right for your individual needs.

Standard Process/MediHerb:


1. Click on “Register for an Account” which is at the top right corner of the page
2. Scroll down and click on “Register” at the bottom in the patient area
3. Read the terms of use and enter the Patient Direct Code: CCDG9E
4. Complete the application
5. Check your e-mail inbox. You must verify your e-mail address before application can be completed.
6. We will get an e-mail to approve your request and give you access. You will then receive an e-mail notification.
7. Log in to your Patient Direct account and begin ordering


1. Click on “Create an Account”
2. Enter in your information into the required fields
3. You are ready to order
4. Download the Wellevate app today on the App Store:



1. Email or call Dr. Jennah (drjennah@healthcarecomplete.com ) for samples prior to purchasing and to determine your skin type and best products to use
2. Go to www.beautycounter.com/jennahdieter to start browsing
3. Sign up with your email and start ordering today!
4. Make sure to choose Jennah Dieter as your consultant if the site prompts you to do so again.

Young Living Essential Oils:


1. Choose your Starter Kit
Most people get the Dewdrop diffusor kit for $160 which has 11 of the most popular oils, the diffusor, and samples of their antioxidant drink

2. Set Up Your Monthly Order (Optional)
This step is optional and would be something you could do down the line if you wanted to gain rewards and potentially use this as a business.

3. Continue Enrollment
If you wish to add additional products to your enrollment order, click the “Add More Products” button. Click the “Next” button to finalize your order. 
This is where you would add other favorite products such as Thieves cleaner which we love!

**Let Dr. Jennah know if you need more help with this…it can be a little overwhelming at first. Start small and with a few things to see what you think!