Chiropractic is considered ESSENTIAL healthcare and has been deemed so by Governor Charlie Baker and our local town government officials.

Receiving chiropractic care has become essential for many of you, allowing you to perform your jobs comfortably. Many of you have also felt the health benefits of chiropractic to reduce stress and support the immune system.

It is necessary that all patients attest to a Covid19 screening questionnaire and consent form prior to their first appointment and agree that they will review this same self-assessment each visit and verbally attest.

Below are all the precautions that we will be taking in the office and necessary measures that we would like your cooperation with:

1. Please be on time for your appointment (not early or late) to minimize waiting in the reception area.
2. The Doctor and Staff will all wear masks and we ask that you wear a mask to enter the building/office to comply with city and state regulations. Please inform the front desk if you have an ADA exemption to wearing a mask.
3. Upon entry to the office, please check in on the wall mounted computer and use a clean stylus instead of your finger. Place the stylus in the bin labelled “dirty” after you finish the check in.
4. Please remove shoes upon entry into the office (if not in bare feet). Use of the reception area for sitting will be minimized. Place coats and belongings on the chair inside the adjusting room.
5. Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be used by the doctor between patients and is also available for you at the front desk and adjusting rooms.
6. All surfaces that were touched during your visit to the office, including the adjusting table, massage table, chairs, and counter tops will be sanitized. Please minimize touching of surfaces when possible. Only touch items on the shelves that you intend to buy.
7. Payment is encouraged to be done using your credit card on file. We can put one on file if none is present currently.
8. We encourage that you maintain a safe distance from the front desk, as will be denoted by tables placed in front of the desk.
9. We will be diffusing anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils into the air such as tea tree oil throughout the day. An air filtration machine has been added to the office as well.
10. Water, nuts, and all toys and books have been removed from the play area. Please bring appropriate toys/books for your child.
11. The Towle Building Management team is also taking additional cleaning measures around the building and continue to clean all hand-rails, door knobs, and hall ways on a regular basis.

During this time of increased stress on our bodies, I highly recommend that you maintain your current supplement, dietary and exercise routine. I can also be available for telehealth visits for anyone who is unable to attend their visit in-office and for anyone suffering with COVID-19.

Together we will get through this.

Yours in health,
Dr. Jennah