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Posted on 07-01-2015

Does the way I sleep affect my spine?

Absolutely! Are you sleeping on your stomach or sprawled across your bed? Are you using a ton of pillows or just a thin feather pillow?

Did you know that the best way to sleep is on your back, and the second best is on or your side? Never sleep on your stomach! When you sleep on your stomach you are compromising the delicate nerve structures of the neck and pinching off nerve energy to your organs. Furthermore, you are causing a straightening and twisting of the neck curvature. When the neck curve straightens or twists it creates pressure on the spinal cord and neck nerves. Nerves control everything in the body, so when nerve energy is interrupted your body cannot function properly and this leads to disease!

The best way to sleep is with a specially measured pillow that supports your neck when sleeping on your side or your back. At Healthcare Complete we love the Complete Sleeprr or the Temperpedic brand pillows. These pillows can be customized for your unique body size.

Dr. Jennah has tried out 13+ brands of pillows to find the perfect one for her patients and these are the ones she loves and uses personally!

Check out Dr. Jennah’s favorite pillow. She can’t leave home without it! https://www.completesleeprrr.com/

Follow these simple tips for a restful sleep:

  • Sleep either :
    • On your back with a pillow underneath the knees and a contoured pillow supporting the neck curvature…or
    • On your side with a pillow between your knees and a supportive contour pillow that is as thick as the distance between your shoulder and neck
  • Sleep in a completely dark room…no TV, no bright cell phone lights or bright alarm clocks.
  • No lights, TV, cell phones, gaming etc at least a half hour before bedtime
  • Play white noise or soft classical music to soothe a restless mind
  • Use a diffusor with high quality essential oils. My favorite oil blends are Young Living Lavender, Peace and Calming, Joy, Vetvier, RutaVaLa
  • Hot shower or bath prior to bedtime can be calming
  • For the insomniac:
    • Kava or Chamomile tea can help relax the mind and body
    • Helpful supplements: Kava, Valerian, Magnesium

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